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11-24-2019Pastor's LetterFr. John Ehrich

Dear Parishioners,

Collection Questions

There have been some questions regarding the Sunday collection and how we report it in the bulletin. Anthony is trying a new method to try to show how we factor in automatic giving to give a clearer picture of where we are at. The general collection is up 1% from last year. When factoring in the increase in the Building Fund we have seen a 5% increase in total giving over last year. I'm very grateful for people's good stewardship.

Random Questions

At our recent Parish Council meeting, there were a number of questions, which came to the fore. "Father did you know?", kind of things. Please remember that I am experiencing everything for the first time as it is my first year here. Sometimes things look different simply because I don't know any better. If things don't go as well as previously, we will fix them and find solutions together. Please feel comfortable to ask me whatever you would like. There are often very simple questions that can be cleared up quickly. A good rule of thumb for all of us is not to jump to conclusions.

Outreach Collection and Diocesan Campaign

This year the collection for outreach ministries was quite a bit lower than last year. To be honest the Diocese was putting quite a bit of pressure on us to promote the Diocesan Capital Campaign and we were trying to balance everything. We are still collecting for these outreach organizations. Also, we would like to do something again to beef up that collection, perhaps this Spring.

Incidentally the Diocesan Capital Campaign has been moved back until next year.

Parking and Crowds

We are seeing an increase in Sunday Mass attendees, most especially at the 9am Mass, and people are having to park down the block. The dirt lot is available for people to park. We have a sign out on the West side driveway designating an entry point. We will continue to work on improving access to this lot. As our Mass attendance continues to increase using the lot will become more necessary.

Next week starts Advent! Let's have a great start to this short season of preparation and anticipation.

Fr. John