Sacrament Preparation

Sacraments are expressions of faith and essential to what it means to live as a Catholic Christian. Our sacrament preparation processes are opportunities for children and parents to grow in faith and learn or deepen their understanding of the sacrament.

For children to gain entry to the preparation process for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist, the families must be attending Sunday Mass. There are a variety of ways for this to be verified including the use of envelopes as well as frequent interaction with Fr. John or other staff who can then vouch for the family's regular attendance.

First Reconciliation (Confession)

Requirements for First Reconciliation

  • A copy of Baptismal certificate
  • Participation in the Family Faith Formation program
  • Children completed their first year of Family Faith Formation and are in the Second Grade or above.
  • Regular Mass attendance
  • Parents attend sessions with children in Second – fifth grade

Confirmation and First Communion

Requirements for Confirmation and First Communion

  • Children celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Participation in the Family Faith Formation program
  • Children are in the Third Grade or above
  • Both sacraments are prepared and celebrated together

Children’s Christian Initiation

This program is for children who were not baptized before the age of seven and for those who are coming from another faith community are seeking initiation into the Catholic Church.

For more information contact Michaela Jones at 623-322-6811.