Stephen Ministry

Trained and equipped lay persons who provide distinctly Christian one-to-one care to those experiencing all kinds of life needs and circumstances, in St Thomas More community.

Christ Caring for People through People

Stephen Ministry is a program in our parish that equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian, one-to-one care to those who are experiencing all kinds of life needs and circumstances in our St Thomas More community. Currently we have 20 trained and commissioned Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders who continue to train, recruit and strengthen the ministry for our parish. These lay persons have responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to give of themselves through their time and talents as a part of continued enrichment of our faith community. They are an inspiration to our vision statement. Contact Shelly McBride at 623-566-8222 in the parish office for more information.

Who are Stephen Ministers?

  1. They are members of our parish
  2. They have received 50 hours of intensive training
  3. They provide weekly one on one confidential meetings with their care receivers
  4. They adjust their schedules to meet the needs of their care receivers
  5. They participate in regular supervision meetings at which confidentiality is maintained
  6. They receive regular continuing education
  7. They commit to provide service to our community for two years
  8. They are dependable and they clearly understand the limits of what they can do
  9. They listen to, care for, and pray with their care receivers
  10. They are the tools God uses to bring His love to others

Who do Stephen Ministers Help?

  1. They help any parishioner who has had or is having a change in their lives.
  2. Often, they help those who have had to face illness and/or death
  3. Frequently, they help those who are un- or under- employed
  4. They help with family interpersonal problems that might be between spouses or between parents and children
  5. They help the young, the elderly, the healthy, the ill, the disabled as each of these people adapt to changes in their lives
  6. They help those who have a new member of their family either by birth or adoption
  7. They help any of their fellow parishioners who needs Christian care and support