St. Thomas More Faith Community Nursing

Parish nursing is a recognized specialty practice that combines professional nursing and health ministry. We emphasizes health and healing within a faith community. The philosophy of parish nursing embraces four major concepts: spiritual formation; professionalism; shalom as health and wholeness; and community, incorporating culture and diversity.

A sense of well being can exist in the presence of imbalance, and healing can exist in the absence of cure.

The practice of parish nursing focuses on a faith community. The nurse(s), in collaboration with the pastoral staff and congregants, participates in the ongoing transformation of the faith community into sources of health and healing. Through partnership with other community health resources, parish nursing fosters new and creative responses to health and wellness concerns. We appreciate that all persons are sacred and must be treated with respect and dignity. The nurse(s) serve the faith community, create safe and sacred places for healing and advocate with compassion, mercy and dignity.

The Faith Community Nurse (FCN) provides whole person health promotion disease prevention services with an emphasis on spiritual care. The major accountability and activities of the FCN are integrator of faith and health, health educator, health counselor, referral agent, developer of support groups, trainer of volunteers and health advocate.