We Have A Few Changes for Our Weekend Masses

07-02-2020Pastor's LetterFr. John Ehrich

Dear Parishioners,

  1. We will no longer have the large video screen in the parking lot. Instead people in their vehicles will be able to watch the live-stream on their phones.
  2. The live-stream will only be the 9:00am Sunday Mass – so if you want to watch in your car, and then come out to receive Communion, this will only be at the 9am Mass. Communion will be distributed at the doors to the parish hall.
  3. We will no longer offer streaming in the parish hall. After several weeks of opening up the hall for viewing we have had very few people attend.

Options for Viewing/Attending Mass July 4/5

  1. Saturday 4:00pm – in person in the church only (no streaming)
  2. Sunday 9am – in person in the church and streaming (in vehicle or at home)

Audio on the Livestream

We installed our new cameras and system last week and have had some issues with volume and audio/visual syncing.  We believe this has been fixed for the coming weekend.  Thank you for your patience. 

Should You Attend Mass?

My preference is that people either not attend Mass or attend from their vehicles at the 9:00am and then come to the courtyard for Communion.    

As we know everything in public life now is filled with debate and conspiracy theories.  It’s almost impossible to know who to trust.  I stay up to date on all of it, the politics on both sides, the concern for civil and religious rights and the scientific debates.        

However, the concern for me is the same as it has been since the beginning, overloaded hospitals and people being turned away to die or struggle at home.  That’s what happened in Northern Italy and other places.  Our hospitals in Arizona have now asked for permission to do the same thing.  Should this be put into practice, the criteria are rather simple, if you are a senior or you have a too many health conditions you will very likely be turned away.  Many of the cases are being diagnosed in the young who do not have a high risk of complications or death.  However, enough of them will require hospitalization and they can spread the disease to family members and others who are more at risk.   

We May Suspend Public Masses

Just as a forewarning, it is possible we will have to shut down for a few weeks.  One of the problems is that every staff member we have is at risk and it would be near impossible to have public Mass without their support.  Also, most of our EM’s are at risk.  The Diocese of Tucson has just suspended all public Masses for, presumably, a month.  I think this is a wise decision. 

This is really a difficult time for everyone.  The back and forth and uncertainty.  It seems to me that if there is anything, we know for certain about this disease it’s that so much is uncertain.  We need to be flexible and roll with the data and try to make the best decisions we can. 

Are You Saying Your Prayers?

It is kind of my job to kind of check up on you spiritually.  Some of you are great prayer warriors and some of you probably need a reminder from time to time.  I know that when I pray, I feel so much better.  When I pray for all of you, I feel connected to you.  It’s perhaps the best way I can do something loving for you and my family, who I also don’t get to see at this time.  Remember to pray your “Decade a Day.” 

I also was thinking of recording audio for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  Email back and let me know if you would like me to do that.  It might be new for some of you, but I think it’s really a wonderful devotion.  It’s one of my favorites.  Maybe because it’s shorter than the rosary?  Don’t tell the Blessed Mother on me! 

Fr. John