Bereavement Outreach

Parishioners who take part in this ministry need to be gentle of heart and willing to be present to grieving family and friends as they participate in the Funeral Liturgy of their loved one. The parishioners who are a part of this ministry are present at funerals as representatives of our community during the liturgy and share in the burden of the loss of the loved one. They are the extended hospitality of our community to the bereaved family by assisting in the various aspects of the funeral liturgy. The ministers also do a caring outreach follow-up with the family of the deceased for the first year after the loved one's death.

In order to become a Bereavement Minister, you must:

  • Be hospitable, sensitive and caring
  • Be willing to be trained in required sacristan and liturgical skills
  • Be willing to attend a monthly meeting for continued education and spiritual growth